Monday, September 2, 2013

T-Shirt Designer

This Labor Day I decided to clean out my chest of drawers and get rid of clothes I am saving for when I lose weight and can wear them again! So much for hope!  Goodwill will receive quite a few articles of clothing by the time I finish cleaning out the many drawers.

Buried in one of the drawers I found a t-shirt from when I worked at Regis High School.  It was a t-shirt of a Jesuit priest, Fr. Stephen R. Krieger.  He was a professor at Regis and sometime in the 70's he retired. At that time, I was employed at Regis High School (housed on the same campus as the college) and was given one of the t-shirts. As the years rolled by, I forgot I had a t-shirt, commemorating him, stuck away in a drawer! If I remember correctly, he was a strict disciplinarian but well liked.

I found two other t-shirts and these I do remember putting away to save for
posterity.  Why, you ask, were these two t-shirts special? Only because my daughter designed them. She designed one while she was serving in the Peace Corps in Guatemala. The t-shirt was for the growth or expansion of youth programs and youth in Spanish (juventud) is made by athletes forming the letters. How clever is that? On the front the Cuerpo de Paz, with part of the American flag, I also liked.

The second t-shirt was when her in-laws celebrated  their 50th wedding anniversary and the whole family accompanied them to Hawaii to celebrate. Twenty one t-shirts were made for all the members of the family and I can just imagine everyone wearing the neat t-shirt!
I enjoy seeing my daughter's art on canvas, on gourds, in her music, and in her decorating skills, yet, the t-shirts are special because they can be worn and displayed to the world! (Unless they are tucked away in a drawer!)

"I've always thought of the
t-shirt as the Alpha and
Omega of the fashion 
Giorgio Armani