Friday, May 30, 2014

My Favorite Tree

There's a tree I enjoy looking at across the street from my house. It doesn't matter what the season, the tree is beautiful any time of the year. When I see the mighty tree, I always think about the poem, Trees by Joyce Kilmer. This afternoon, we are being pelted by rain, making the tree look greener than usual. The most colorful I have seen the tree is in the fall and the winter scene seems to sparkle with snow and ice.


I think that I shall never see
a poem lovely as a tree.
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
against the sweet earth's flowing breast.
A tree that looks at God all day
and lifts her leafy arms to pray;
a tree that may in summer wear
a nest of robins in her hair.
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
who intimately lives with rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,
but only God can make a tree.

Joyce Kilmer

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Born to Mistrust

I don't really believe I was born to mistrust, but when I watch the Dr. Phil show and see the lonely women  getting conned into believing that someone (who sounds too good to be true plus handsome) loves them it is difficult for me to understand.  Last week a woman had to have Dr. Phil prove that the man with the accent who was taking thousands of dollars from her was not real. She purchased a wedding dress because he proposed to her. Her excitement faded when she found out there was no "husband to be," only a scammer who had stolen her money.

Today, on the show, an attractive widow of sixty-five sent over 89,000 dollars to someone she had never met.  She sold her home, cashed in her retirement fund, and is fast running out of money. Her sons are afraid she may end up homeless. She has sent money to a man named "Eric" because she "loved him and felt bad for him." Besides," she said, "he says he will pay me back." The audience and I groaned and rolled our eyes.

The relationships begin on the Internet.  Gilda, the lady on the show today, was lonely and searching for love. She wanted to find someone to love and to be loved.  She went on dating sites and received fifty-eight responses and ended up picking Eric. They began texting and before the month was over, she had sent him $3,000 for something he needed. Now, I don't know, but that would have been a big, red flag for me. As the texting relationship continued, she kept on sending him money for hospital bills, (I would have wondered what kind of illness he had, maybe some sexually transmitted disease), for his rent, (how had he paid his rent before me?); or to buy his son a computer and latest phone, (that would have been enough to drop that "lover" when I found out that the fifty-two year old Dad was still helping his son. Eric kept telling her he loved her, called her "love", and she was swept off her feet when he proposed marriage. She accepted though all she had from him were texts and empty promises.

Gilda's two sons had been warning her and begging her to stop sending Eric money but she continued to mail him money. The sons were shocked when they found out how much she had actually (they thought it was around $50,000) sent to a man she had never met. Dr. Phil was their last hope to show her Eric was a Catfish. (Scammer)

Can someone be so vulnerable that she believes the scammer? Catfish seem to chose older women between ages of 50-60 because they seem to have money left to them by their deceased husbands and never having lived alone, appear more desperate in finding love. One thing women should be aware of is that if the scammer moves too fast by using expressions of love and passion soon after they begin their texting, calling or e-mailing, watch out!

Maybe I am different, but even after dating someone for a few months, and I am looking into his eyes, and he tells me he loves me, I question it. My suspicious nature may keep me safe, yet, I pray that I never fall into a scammer's tricks!

"By the time the fool
has learned the game,
the players have dispersed."
African Proverb

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's The Name of the Drink I Want?

Driving around doing errands I was hot and thirsty. I kept thinking of a drink a friend of mine brought me while I was recuperating from my broken ankle. The drink was ice-cold and on the bottom there were chunks of bananas and strawberries. That's what I wanted today on this hot day.

Pulling into a Sonic I asked the girl taking orders: "I don't know the name of the drink I want, but it has pieces of fruit at the bottom." She had no idea what I was talking about and said, "The only thing with fruit is a shake." I ordered it and she said it would be $3.98 for the shake. When I got to the window to pick up my drink she handed me a tall cup with ice-cream, whipped cream and a cherry on top. I told her that it was not what I wanted and once again explained to her that the drink was cold and fruit was at the bottom of the cup. She called another girl and that girl did not know what I was talking about either. They then called a supervisor and I explained the drink I wanted. She said, "It sounds like a slush."

The line of cars was getting longer behind me, so I said, "Okay, let me have a strawberry slush." The price went to ninety-one cents and the drink turned out to be what I wanted. It seems that all drinks are half price from two until four in the afternoon.

I did not want to think about what workers do when they have a difficult customer, but I have watched television shows where spit, snot, dirty fingers,etc. will be put into food or drink of a customer who complains. I thought about throwing the drink away, but I was thirsty and decided to drink it. I did get a bit nauseous but I think it was those negative thoughts in my head. Before I sucked up the fruit, I took off the lid and checked the fruit to make sure those were really pieces of strawberries at the bottom of my drink. I enjoyed the drink but probably would have enjoyed it more if I had not had those nasty and gross thoughts. From now, when I crave a cold drink, I will have to remember to order one of Sonic's Famous Fruit Slush.

Into My Past

A few days ago I received a birthday present so that I could check my DNA and find out my ethnic background. Inside the box my first instruction was that I should not eat, drink or chew gum for thirty minutes before taking the test. There were three packets inside and a play by play instruction card with pictures. The first thing I had to do was to activate the Kit online.

I tried to do it but when I couldn't do it on my own, I called Ancestry DNA and spoke to a kind and patient person by the name of Taylor. Step by step he instructed me on what I had to do until I was able to enter my 15-digit code. Evidently, the code is what links the sample to me.

Once the activation took place, I was ready to proceed with taking the sample. The two inch tube is where I would spit saliva until it reached a "wavy" black line and it shouldn't include the bubbles! A cap was provided to put on the tube. I twisted the lid, as instructed, until a blue liquid was released. The blue liquid was to stabilize the DNA in my saliva. For at least 5 seconds, I needed to shake the tube and then place it in the collection bag. The bag then went into the postage-paid box included in the Kit. Once my sample was ready for mailing, I drove to the Post Office and mailed it.  Now, all I have to do is wait for the results.

I have heard that in my family there may be Spanish, Native American (Apache or Cherokee or both, Mexican, French, and Italian. There is a slim possibility that German could be included (so a cousin told me) but I doubt it.  Though, I am curious to see what my DNA will show!

Monday, May 26, 2014

One Small Puff

The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has me confused. I voted against it and I am still against smoking or eating it for recreational purposes. Medical marijuana I can understand but feel it should be dispensed by doctors. This morning on television I heard Governor Hinkenlooper's explain that the majority of people, 58%, voted to have marijuana legalized in Colorado. What about the other 42%?  He mentioned that before it was legalized, people were smoking and the only ones getting any money benefits were the drug lords. He said,  "The number of persons smoking pot has not gone up, and now Colorado is getting tax monies for those same smokers." I wondered if that was a good enough reason and how did government know the number of smokers had not gone up?  The same program mentioned how on the first day of selling legalized marijuana in 2012, lines were blocks long. It was mentioned that tourists flock to Colorado to buy the drug and that there are more marijuana stores than Starbucks. I see young men dancing and flipping a board advertising pizza, income tax, or gold, and yesterday, I saw one advertising cannabis sales.

When I was growing up in Greeley, one of my family pass time was to park on 8th Avenue and watch the people shopping.  When some man would come stumbling along the sidewalk, my Mother would say, "Don't look at him, he is a marijuano." I associated marijuana with stumbling, out of their head, drunk-like stupors and a bad thing. Years later, in the early 70's, I worked with attorneys who smoked pot. Two or three attorneys would go in a room and light up. When they were finished, they would open the windows and spray the room and go off to represent their clients. They may have felt differently but looked normal. I got so I could recognize the smell. I also wondered if it did not bother them to be breaking the law.  When I smelled the same sweet, weed-burning odor coming from my son's room, I knew what he was up to and forbade his smoking in the house. I am sure he probably smoked somewhere else because other parents were also having the same problems with their teen-agers.

One time in the late 70's, I drove to the mountains with three friends. The two in the back had a pipe-like contraption that they were smoking. They passed the pipe to the front and the driver took a deep breath into the pipe and passed it to me. I reluctantly took the pipe, inhaled a short breath and puffed the smoke out. I had expected to feel something, maybe a peacefulness or euphoria but did not feel anything. They kept telling me I was high when I found myself laughing but I knew I was laughing because of the funny things they were saying and not because of the one puff.  Maybe I did not get enough marijuana in me with one breath but I  could not see a difference between the before and after, in me or them, and wondered why they needed to smoke.

When I read that the Denver Symphony Orchestra was having a fund raiser and it was advertised as BYOP, (Bring Your Own Pot,) because they were trying to appeal to smokers and supporters.  Was raising money that important? In order to circumvent breaking the law, it was "by invitation only." Then, Denver held a smoke-in at Civic Park on 4-20 where many openly smoked pot even though it is against the law to smoke in public and against Federal law. This is all very confusing to me.

Because marijuana is not legal under Federal law, the money from the sales can not be put into Federal banks and all transactions have to be done in cash,  making it more dangerous. To me, the potential of a crime being committed is greater with those large sums of money floating around. When I read that the Colombian Cartel was involved, I wondered if a drug war could break out. On the news I hear people high on pot are having car accidents or committing suicide. Children eating candy or cookies laced with marijuana are becoming ill. I wonder if it is my generation that opposes the drug, if I don't know enough about it, or if stories I hear are exaggerated.

One time returning from Mexico, a drug dog went crazy underneath my jeep. We were asked to get out of the jeep, officers searched in, under, above and below but could not find anything.  I was asked if I had work done on the jeep before returning to the States. I told him I had a mechanic work on my jeep and he said, "If someone smokes marijuana, then works on your car, the mechanic can leave a residue on everything he touches and that is probably why the dog alerted us." One more negative thing I learned about pot.

To me it seems that legalizing marijuana is like giving a child a gun to play with--the child does not know if the gun is dangerous or not. Some children may play with the gun and never hurt themselves but others may shoot themselves!

Stormy Weather

Not only is this the title to a song, it is our weather in Colorado! Sirens, hail, rain, tornadoes, and flooding are, at one time or another, predicted. On Saturday the clouds were dark, heavy looking and I spotted a white tail of a twister. Well, it looked like a twister even though it seemed small.

I took the pictures as I drove south on Wadsworth and made it home before a rain storm hit the area. One thing for sure, we do not have to water our lawns for a few days!

"I can hear your whisper
and distant mutter. 
I can smell your damp
on the breeze and
in the sky, I see the 
halo of your violence.
Storm, I know you
are coming."
Robert Fanney

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Looking Like Twins

Shopping at Costco the other day, I happened to see a Unisex Booney Hat. I liked the wide brim and that it was a Sun Protection Zone hat. I continued reading the information and liked that it was made from ultra-protective micro-fiber, had a wicking sweat band that will disperse moisture quickly, it floated and was water repellent. I liked that it was adjustable because one size fits most, weighed less than 2.5 ounces, the brim was 4 1/2 inches for sun protection and it would be great for boating, birding, hiking, fishing, beach, pool or any other outdoor activity.

Even though I realize I do not do any of the above-mentioned activities, I thought the hat would give me a  variety to the baseball caps I usually wear when I am outside. It also had 100 SPF and 50+ UPF which sounded like I would be protected from the sun's rays. I tried the hat on and it fit, so I decided I needed the khaki hat. I could imagine I was on a safari in Africa with my Booney Hat. I tossed the hat in my basket and went wandering to see what other things I could find that I could not live without!

While I was reading the label and trying to decide whether I wanted the hat or not, I counted sixteen persons picking up a hat. Later, when I was checking out I saw three more hats on the conveyor belt. Surely, with so many persons buying the hat, it must be a good buy!  The bad thing is that many persons in Arvada will be looking alike this summer!

"Grab your coat and get your hat,
leave your worry on the doorstep,
just direct your feet, to the sunny
side of the street."
Dorothy Fields

Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Granddaughter's Thoughtfulness

Yesterday, at lunch, my granddaughter made my heart melt. She handed me a beautiful birthday card she made thanking me for our times spent together and wishing me a wonderful birthday. I couldn't help thinking how thoughtful she is but when she handed me a story she and I wrote in 2009 I realized that children have a way of remembering the past also. She had saved the story we worked on after one of our trips to the mountains and that made my heart melt into a sweet, fuzzy, beautiful, loving puddle!

The sheets of paper have been folded more than once which, to me,  means she has read it a few times.It surprised me that she had saved it for five years!

A family of four decided to drive to the mountains for some fun. As they drove through the beautiful mountains it began to get dark. They looked for a place to stay but all the motels had "No Vacancy" signs.  Around mid-night they found an old cabin.  It was made of old logs and in the cracks, grass was beginning to grow. Inside the cabin, everything looked old and dusty.  The family was so tired they just wanted to get some sleep. A bunk bed was in the corner and another bed was in one of the rooms. Putting their heads on the dusty pillows, they fell asleep right away.

Around three in the morning they heard a noise. "What is that noise?" asked the little girl.  "Sssssh," said the father, "Let 's listen and try to figure out what that strange noise is."   The noise creaked, squeaked, chomped and snorted. They could hear whatever was out side breathing and making a rasping sound. "I'm scared," said the wife. "So are we," cried the children.

"Maybe it's a monster," said the young boy. The frightened family quaked and shivered ad held each other tight. They knew that if it was a monster they were in deep trouble. Around five the father whispered, "I don't hear the noise anymore, let's get out of here."  Holding hands they ran out the door and bumped into a big, hairy, furry monster. The family screamed and the startled "monster" gave a loud grunt and ran into the trees. The family looked at each other and laughed. "Why it was just a large elk eating the grass that grows between the logs in the cabin!"

"What a night," the wife exclaimed, as they got into their car and continued their drive through the mountains.

The End

Who Am I?

A small box arrived yesterday with information on how to test my DNA and where to send it to get results of my ethnic background. It happened to be a birthday gift from my daughter. "You are working on your genealogy," she said on the phone, "and I thought your finding out about your ethnic background would be of interest to you." She is so right and once I swab the inside of my mouth and send the saliva sample to a lab I will certainly know more than I do now. After experts analyze my DNA they will return the results to me and I will discover more about my heritage.

I found out there are three types of tests:  Autosomal (atDNA) tests for all ancestry. Mitochondrial tests man or woman along direct maternal line and Y-Chromosome (Y-DNA) tests only a male along a direct paternal line. I find this testing interesting plus puzzling and wonder how so much can be discovered by a bit of saliva. Evidently, we each have our own DNA, and I suppose it's just like fingerprints which are never alike. Of course, once I do the test, I will know and understand so much more!

At a seminar I attended, we were told that 98% of Hispanics born in the United States have Native American blood in them. Both of my parents are from New Mexico which has a mixture of ethnic backgrounds. I also remember my Mother speaking of La Apache and as I grew up and  I thought it was the woman's name. Now I wonder if she was referring to her tribe. My first cousin told me that her father spoke of Cherokee being in his blood. I am hoping the DNA test will clarify which tribe, or if both, are in my blood.

"The one thing that unites all human beings,
regardless of age, gender, religion, or ethnic
background, is that we all believe 
we are above-average drivers."
Dave Barry

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Gamblers

A bus load of forty-six persons went to Blackhawk, Colorado to try their luck on some of the slot machines yesterday, May 22, 2014. Arriving at the Mardi Gras casino, we were met by an employee who gave each person a small blue, plastic bag containing a $10.00 food voucher and instructions on how to get $5.00 put on our Affinity card. Each player has his or her own favorite slot machine and before long the kachings could be heard. I went to the Wizard of Oz machine, but as usual, did not have much luck. Though it was fun when Glenda, the good witch, came out with a bonus for me.

Four hours later, we boarded the bus to return to Arvada with some of the people being very happy and some wishing they had also won. We were given a package of M&M's as we got on the bus and that made everyone feel good, whether they had won or lost! Even though the free bus is monthly, the next casino trip may be in August, since June and July will be used for resting and saving our money!

I cleaned out my purse this morning, and found some bills, my card, a picture and a credit cashout voucher. Looking at the pile on the table, made me realize that I like playing those slot machines, especially when they make a lot of noise!

"It's hard to walk away from a winning streak,
even harder to leave when you're on a losing one."
Cara Bertois
Cruise Quarters -- A Novel
about Casinos and Cruise Ships

Thursday, May 22, 2014

In Memory

Since Mother's Day was a snowy and cold day, I did not get to take flowers to the cemetery until this past week. It seems that every time I drive to Mt. Olivet, I see more and more gravestones. If I actually begin to think about all the people who are gone, and have been buried, it is quite shocking. My first stop are my two aunts because their grave is near the entrance. I then drive to where my parents are buried, somewhere near the statue of St. Anthony. I would think that as many years as I have gone to Mt. Olivet I would be able to find their grave sites, yet it takes me a while of reading names on small, medium and large monuments, before I see the grey stone with Rodriguez etched into it.

A short prayer, a long thought, digging a hole to place the flowers and I sadly walk back to my car. There is so much I would love to tell those that are gone, face to face, but I know that will happen only when I am also gone. For two days the weather has been ugly, with tornadoes, hail, wind, and torrents of rain so my guess is that the flowers have been shredded or beat to the ground. For a few days, those bright flowers represented my love and attention. From now on, my love and attention will be in my head and my heart and I hope in their souls!

"I've learned that people will forget
what you said, will forget what you
did, but people will never forget
how you made them feel."
Maya Angelou

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Imagination Can Be Scary

Sitting on my couch, reading a book while the house was quiet, I heard a noise that sounded as if it was coming from one of my walls or the roof. It wasn't a rattle or thump sound, but more like a soft dragging. Something like when it begins to hail and hail rolls off the roof. I opened the venetian blinds and could see the black tail of a blackbird and a long skinny twig hanging down. The finger-size twig was hanging from the eave about two feet. I thought that maybe the bird was fixing a nest and then I saw the twig move. The bottom curled up like I've seen a cat's tail curl. I realized the "twig" was a living thing and my guess is that it was some sort of snake! I rapped on the window, but neither tail or snake moved. I decided to get a picture of what I was seeing and went to get my camera. By the time I returned to the window, and before I could get a picture, the skinny snake was pulled up and the bird's ragged tail disappeared.
My rugged drawing is pretty much what I saw when I looked out the window. The bird's tail was raggedy looking, black and about two inches wide. I do not know how big the bird would have to be to pick up a live snake or snake like creature. The creature was grey and hung motionless except for the tip curling up. From now on, any noise I hear on my roof, will make me uneasy.

Now, did the snake have a bird or did the bird have the snake? Do birds even eat snakes? Could the bird have thought it was a giant worm?  And, what were they doing on my roof? I went outside to see if I could see anything, but all I could see was my television dish. Is there a hole in my roof and birds are dropping snakes into it? Is there some sort of nest being built using live snakes? What if the snakes get into the house? What if the bird is like a python and swallows snakes whole? My imagination was getting carried away because in all probability,  the bird could have flown away with the snake in its mouth, couldn't it? I heard no more noises, the house was silent again, but I just couldn't concentrate to read anymore. I just wanted to listen.

Loveland Fun

Friends who moved away, a current book club group, a drive to Loveland, Colorado, a Tres Leche cake, a tour of a new home, good food, a discussion of The Postmistress by Sarah Blake, two birthdays, and friendship makes for a fun, interesting and enlightening time! Yesterday, seven members of the Spirit of Christ Catholic Community Book Club drove the fifty some miles to visit a husband and wife who had moved from Arvada to Loveland into a new home.

The home is beautiful in the quiet Mirasol senior community in Loveland. I was impressed with the two car garage that also serves as a "man-cave" and the back patio overlooking a green-belt. We could hear birds chirping in the tall trees and guesses were made to determine what kind of birds were singing! I noticed that the doorways are wide enough for a wheel chair (if ever needed) which is something many homes do not have. The dining area had a wooden table made from an old bowling alley lane, an office nook was interesting and one bathroom was spacious. Every thing looked modern and handy. The King-sized bed was covered with a beautiful, authentic quilt which, we were told, was purchased in Arkansas and is considered an heirloom. .

The book club sat comfortably in a large room to discuss the book. Two large windows let plenty of light enter the room and a fireplace in one corner would come in handy in the winter. Lunch consisted of a
delicious Southwestern dish made of chicken, sweet potatoes and black beans plus other side dishes.  When the cake was cut, everyone sang happy birthday to the two ladies celebrating May 17th and May 20th  birthdays.

No more mowing the lawn or cleaning the snow is a big plus for the couple.

The host, the hostess and the Italian Greyhound made everyone feel welcome in their new home and the visiting group had a marvelous time!  Even though they are missed in Arvada, they are now settled in and comfortable in their new home.


Monday, May 19, 2014

The Train

Once the train leaves the station
there is no stopping it.
As the train hurdles down the track
there is no turning back.
No way to buy a round-trip
just hang on with a strong grip.
At some point, the train begins to slow
Yet, where ever it is headed, you go.
Watch the scenery slide by
Because you're on it 'til you die!
When it finally comes to a stop, well
You will either be in heaven or hell!

E. Moscoso
May 20, 2014

I got on the train in 1938 and have traveled many miles. I am hoping I will continue to chug along for many more miles. The sights I have seen, people I have met and the places I have passed have made me who I am today.

I like seeing all my different hair-dos. Each photo has so many memories attached to it and even though I have many more pictures, these are just a few I have tried to keep in chronological order. That train of life just keeps on rolling along with the clickity-clack of its wheels and I like that just fine!

Returning From The Dead

In 2007 I watched Celene Dion sing a song standing next to Elvis Presley and he had been dead for years. Last night I saw Michael Jackson perform a song on the Billboard Music Awards. The appearance of a dead artist is a phenomenon made possible by having them appear in a hologram.  I decided to find out just how holograms work and after reading the Internet article three times, I still do not understand how it's done. I will continue to think that it is magic! Wikipedia explanation: ...three dimensional images (holograms) by using laser, interference, diffraction and light intensity recording a suitable illumination of the recording. The holographic recording itself is not an image; it consists of an apparently random structure of either varying intensity, density or profile.  Huh?

Watching Michael Jackson perform on the the Billboard Music Awards last night left me in awe. He has been gone a few years and yet, there he was singing and dancing via a hologram. During the awards show I heard different songs, watched many dancers and saw the many artists but that hologram of Michael Jackson was a big surprise and a somewhat magical moment. I found out that there have been other persons, living or
dead, that have used this method to be in more than one place at a time.

When it was announced that a man had landed on the moon, my Mother questioned that a man had actually landed on the moon. She would say, "With the many tricks that they can do with cameras, I think they are fooling us."  Maybe she was aware of holograms!

If someone who has been dead can be reproduced as if he were alive, should we care when a star dies? They can be "reincarnated" in a hologram, as if the person had never left this earth! We could have the star be around forever!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Young At Heart Board

May was our last meeting for the Young At Heart group of Spirit of Christ Catholic Community for this year and it was announced that the new officers would take over in September since no meetings are held during the summer months of June, July and August.  On Thursday evening the new executive board members took the floor to be introduced. From left to right is the new president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.

Their hope is to continue the tradition of past officers of keeping Young At Heart a religious, vital, exciting, interesting, friendly and happy group.

The Board of Directors is made up of the officers plus the following committees: 1) Book Club meets once a month to share opinions on books read; 2) Caring Hearts, meets once a month to discuss who and where they will visit those that are ill or in nursing homes; 3) Cards and Games,  meets once a month for sharing a potluck and having fun playing cards, dominoes, etc.; 4) Sunshine, sends sympathy and get well cards to ailing members; 5) Casino, bus takes persons free of charge to Blackhawk; 6) Crafts for a Cause, meets once a month to work on projects to be given to area nursing/assisted living homes 7) Decorations, makes decorations for dinners/luncheons; 8) Outside Activities, open to anyone who knows of a fun activity for other YAH members to attend; 9) First Friday Breakfast; after mass on 1st Friday a breakfast is served; 10) New Members/Name Tags, keeps lists up to date of new members; 11) Callers, makes sure everyone is notified of upcoming dinners/luncheons or funerals; 12) Entertainment, finds and contracts entertainment for dinners/luncheons; 13) Food, buys and prepares food for luncheons and dinner plus the many volunteers who set out the food and serve; and 14) Events Coordinator, needs to know how and where to set up tables and have drinks ready for serving; 15) Photography, photos taken at different functions to display at dinners/luncheons and later placed in albums for a historical remembrance of YAH; 16) Newsletter keeps us apprised of what has happened, what is happening and what will happen!

To have a successful Young At Heart group it takes the combined efforts of the Board plus the many  volunteers willing to help whether it be in the kitchen, making decorations, visiting nursing homes, working on projects to give to the needy, or attending the different functions of the group.

The new Board is looking forward to 2014-2015 Young at Heart year!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Tables Have Turned

Ever since my grandchildren have been little I have taken them to different vacation spots, to dinners, lunches, museums, the zoo, swimming, celebrated holidays, movies, and area entertainment. I tried spending as much time as I could with them.  I love the time spent with them and it is a pattern both acceptable to me and to them. This morning I received a text from my granddaughter.
I was pleasantly surprised because when I saw her last week she asked me what I was doing for my birthday. I told her I was busy and she quizzed me about a good time to get together for my birthday. I thought it was nice of her to think about me and my birthday but it still surprised me when I got the text today.

Grandchildren have a way of growing up and one day, without even realizing it, they turn the tables on us by becoming more thoughtful, kind, generous and planning a lunch.  I am looking forward to seeing her and spending time with her. This is the first time that an invite has come from her and it makes me happy for her thoughtfulness, yet, I do not like that she spend her own money on me.

Grandchildren fill a 
place in your heart you
 never knew was empty.
On Pinterest

At one, I picked up my thirteen year old granddaughter to go to lunch.  We debated on Italian, Asian, Mexican, Indian, or American food. Mexican was chosen and Chipotle was picked.  I suggested driving to Boulder's Chipotle and then going to Trader Joe's. She agreed and treated me to a super, huge burrito, picked up some things at TJ's, and stopped at the Dairy Queen for dessert. I had a banana/strawberry Smoothie and she had a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard. I tried to pay but she said it was her treat for my birthday. I did not like having her pay but I also knew she wanted to do it so I let her. I kept thinking of something I read about accepting a gift gives both the giver and the receiver a good feeling. It was a fun afternoon and I enjoyed celebrating my early birthday with my granddaughter.

The Sights and Sounds of America

What I thought would be an amateur night performed by Young at Heart members of Spirit of Christ Catholic Community, turned out to be a very professional performance. An old fashioned radio was in the middle of the floor and Al Taylor, Bonnie McAninch, Doris Thompson and Gene Uryga explained that it was a magic radio that would take us through the different years. I liked the radio because I remember having a similar one in our home when I was growing up.

The show began with a juggler who is a professional and entertains on cruise ships. He was followed by Mark Stenson and his saxophone playing a jazzy
tune. The 1940's had the Andrew Sisters, (Joyce Antonucci, Jan Maretech, and Karen Spies) lip-syncing and dancing to Bugle Boy of Company B. The 50's was Rock and Roll with Bruce Nunemaker impersonating Elvis Presley; 60's Beach Boys; and 70's was disco with Joe Gonzales and Sara Anderson leading the dancing. The music brought back many memories for everyone.

Hippies/Flower Girls in head bands, long hair, beads and flowing skirts handed out flowers to the audience. Everyone was encouraged to dance to the old favorite tunes and it was fun watching the dancers twist, swim and jitterbug.  The 1980's featured line dancing to Country and Western music followed by a Conga for the Latin segment of the program.
A long line formed as many joined the Conga line that snaked through the room.

A brief video, "My Name is America," was shown and a feeling of patriotism surged through the room as we watched the video and waved our flags. The salute to the military was very moving as each branch of the service was represented. As the music for the Marines, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force played, men who had served in the military stood up for their branch of the service. I felt a catch in my throat and tears wanting to flow to see the veterans standing at attention and the people's pride in them. I was able to get a photo of nine of the men who had served in the military.

Everyone joined in singing, Proud to be an American by Lee Greenwood, as they continued to wave their flags. After the program ended many lingered to talk about the wonderful time they had shared remembering those early years. The success of the evening depended on many persons working together; the cooking and serving volunteers, the decorations of cardboard radios on each table, special lighting, the performers and the DJ who played the music.

I, for one, was happy to see the successful show put on by Gina Oldenburg as the stage director/choreographer, "Star" Kelly the DJ, Tony Archuleta for the spectacular lighting, Nadine Kline as the producer and those that became  "actors" for this special evening.