Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Country Band Lights a Fire

In the past I loved to dance. I can remember going out and dancing five or six nights a week. Dancing was an activity I enjoyed, it was good exercise, and I socialized with others who had fun dancing. Ballroom, Country, and Latin dancing kept me busy until I fell and broke my ankle. I have stayed away from any place that has music because it is a torment to hear the beat of a band and not to be able to dance.

Yesterday, after a delicious chicken dinner at The White Fence Farm as we were walking out I heard a country and western band in the back room. The round tables were filled with people listening to the band. My feet remembered the country two step and my heart recalled the joy dancing would bring to me when I danced. We never made it out the door because the music was too inviting. We found a place to sit and as I looked around at the older group, I got the feeling the the band's "groupies" followed them where ever they played.

Rudy Grant and the Buffalo Riders played many of the older tunes and the crowd would join in with some of the lyrics. Two cowboys on guitars, one man on drums and  Rudy Grant on vocals. An elderly couple danced to some of the tunes. Four women got up and moved to a line dance. I had to be satisfied by tapping  my feet underneath the table.

As I enjoyed the music, down deep in my soul I knew that someday, maybe not soon, but someday, I would dance again!

"It is with your feet 
that you move....
but it is with your
heart you dance."
Alaynah Thompson

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