Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Perfect Day

Yesterday I met two friends for breakfast at the Egg & I.  We had so much to talk about that our conversation lasted three hours. After we parted, the weather was beautiful. One of those days known as Indian Summers; not cool and not hot, just perfect. I didn't want to do anything indoors and decided to drive to Evergreen, Colorado. It had been about twenty-five years since I had visited the town and I wondered if the town had changed.

It has changed quite a bit. The place is now more cluttered with houses, buildings and businesses. My first stop was at one end of Evergreen where in the past we would eat lunch. The building now has a variety of different companies. Next door there was an interesting shop named Sundance by Design. I would call it a ICC sort of shop -- interesting, creative and cute!

A lady was watering the plants and somehow we started chatting about dreams, horses, how we know when we are doing too much, what scares us, driving, how she remembered the restaurant next door that is no longer there, and blogging. I mentioned I was planning to blog about my Evergreen visit and gave her the link. I enjoyed the time spent talking with her and looking at all the interesting items in the store. She told me how the owner also has a nursery and how much she enjoys working in the shop. She loves horses and told me that maybe in another life she had ridden horses and I told her that in another life I may have been Greek! It was odd that we seemed to have a lot in common.

As I drove away from Sundance, I happened to see a pumpkin patch. It seemed deserted except for the Halloween figures that talked to me. "Come in." said a voice. A skeleton in a birdcage yelled at me."Let me out of here." And when I was leaving a scratchy voice said, "Where are you going?"

As I drove past Little Bear I was surprised it still looks the same as when on Sundays we would go and dance polkas. An elderly couple called Ma and Pa used to be terrific dancers and it was fun watching them twirl and spin on the small dance floor. I would venture to say they are now dancing in heaven!

In the past, my sister-in-law, had two cabins in Evergreen. During the summer we spent many weekends having picnics and getting together. When she passed away she left the cabin to her son. I drove around looking for his home but could not recall how to get to those cabins. Everything has changed so much, yet, I enjoyed the drive and seeing a few golden aspens.
I stopped at the spillway (watershed) and noticed it is now a tourist attraction with statues, wood carvings and a painted bench. The small park is dedicated to the vision of Ross Grimes.

I headed toward Evergreen Lake because I have many memories of ice skating on the lake. I remembered the hot chocolate served to all the cold skaters. No need for anything hot today because it was like a summer day. Before I could reach the lake, a herd of elk wandered near the road. Cars stopped, cameras  clicked, and people enjoyed the wildlife up close.

How amazing that the elk are not afraid of man or cars. They walk right beside cars and when a car's motor starts up, they look around with their dreamy eyes, continue chewing and go about their business.

The lake was beautiful and the wooden walkways made it easy to enjoy the different views. Today was perfect and I thanked God for allowing me to see and enjoy his many wonders!

"Thank you for my eyes that see,
Thank you for my heart that feels,
Thank you for my ears that hear,
Thank you for everything I hold dear.
Today was a perfect day,
And thank you is all I want to say."
E. Moscoso
October 7, 2014

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