Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Slew of Memory Altars

We began our trek at Longmont's Museum and continued to the many other businesses celebrating the month long Dia de los Muertos. First stop was the Dr. Seuss Altar set up at the Longmont Public Library.

Used Book Emporium had a small altar with a picture of a woman and a few books. We were told by the daughter that their Mom had opened the bookstore in 1996. My friend, who loves books, had a difficult time leaving the store to continue our walk of altars!

The Muse Gallery had a huge display with many mementos, yet when we asked about the altar the person working did not know anything about what all the items on the altar represented. A photo of a man, antique statues, a skeleton, and large photographs of what may have been his travels in Mexico. Looking at the altar, we could only guess the what and why!


Our walk took us to Crystal Joys

and to Kay Carol Gallery & Priscilla Working Art Studio.  A large studio with many bright paintings of skulls, mosaics on musical instruments, tiny masks, and transgender, bisexual, lesbian and homosexual works.


Discoveries Egyptian Imports had an altar with two mummies.

Other altars in the windows were unable to be photographed because of the reflection on the glass. Miller Music did have a neat altar using musical instruments.

My guess is that my friend liked the altar at Crackpots the best because the altar was for a cat and she likes cats!

Happy Cakes Bakeshop had interesting cakes and cookies in shapes of skulls and the Art Experience had an altar for the owner's grandmother.

We did stop by the Carroll Lewellen Funeral Home and I am not sure what we expected to see but the altar was outside of the funeral home. It was of  an Hispanic man who must have liked horses, cowboy hats, grandchildren, tequila and chili!

Even though there were more altars to see, my friend and I decided to call it quits because we had seen enough altars of the dead!

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