Monday, October 27, 2014

Bicycle, Books and Bibliophily

Are you a reader? A book lover? Can you enter a book store and leave without buying a book(s)? Can you be at a library and come out empty handed?If you answered "no," then I believe you will love the book cycle. Imagine books coming to you instead of you going to the library to check out a book. In Longmont, Colorado I saw my first yellow bicycle that will travel to where people gather and bring along books for people to check out.

On the Internet I saw where the Denver Public Library also has a pedal-powered, mobile, blue bicycle and it will set up near coffee shops, concerts, farmer's markets, etc. It is possible other cities in Colorado also have these book bicycles but the Longmont one is the first one I have seen.

All of my life I have been a reader and love/hate books I can't put down. I love a book because the story grabs my interest and I must find out how it ends. Yet, I hate that I will sometimes stay up all night reading, that every chance I get I am reading and that I let everything else I am supposed to do stay undone until I finish the book.

Seeing the book cycle made me realize that getting a book to read is becoming easier and easier!

"The only important thing
in a book is the meaning
that it has for you."
W. Somerset Maugham

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  1. The answer to your four questions, YES, YES and NO, NO,NO,NO,NO, NO!!!