Sunday, October 19, 2014

Coincidence or a Sign From God

Today I decided to drive to Flat Irons Mall to 2nd and Charles Used Book Store. After finding a parking spot, I started walking toward the book store. That's when I noticed that the gigantic horses in front of P.F. Chang's were painted pink. The horses made striking figures in their bright pink color. I walked over and a pink sign
let me know that if
I  put a picture of the pink horse on social media, the restaurant would donate $1.00 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation during the month of October. What an easy way to donate. I stopped a young man walking by and asked him if he would take my picture with the pink horse.

He kindly snapped a picture, I thanked him, he wished me a nice day, and I went into the bookstore.

When I got home and looked at the picture I was amazed that I matched the pink horse in my pink sweatshirt and pink cap. It was almost as if I had planned the whole thing! I placed the picture on Facebook and now the National Breast Cancer Foundation will be $1.00 richer! My wearing pink today and being the same color as the horse makes me wonder if it was just a coincidence or possibly a sign from God.

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