Saturday, October 18, 2014


As I shopped at an our door market yesterday, I saw a bin with green, speckled squash. I asked a clerk if the squash was edible and she said it wasn't. She told me they are called "Bird Feeder Gourds." She told me that the squash seems to look like a swan and people buy them to make bird houses.

In another bin I saw beautiful, natural, squash of different colors and different shapes. To me they looked like art, even with their warts! Some had bumps, some were smooth, some had two colors and some had a variety of stripes and speckles. Their shapes were also different and one had edges that looked like ruffled cloth material. Some reminded me of melted wax running down the side of the squash and others looked like birds or fish.

When I got home I looked on the Internet to learn more about the different squash or gourds that I had seen. The larger green bird like gourd is a Lagenaria and it is a hard-skinned gourd used as birdhouses. The small odd shaped ones are from the Cucurbita family and are usually colorful, twisted, warty, odd shaped and used as decorations. I found them to be cute, maybe because of their small size, and to me, one looked like a candle, another looked like a vase with a black bottom, and most of the gourds had more than one color. I found the small, four inch gourds to be artistic, different, cute and interesting.

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