Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hate or Something Similar

 The definition of "hate" is feeling intense or passionate dislike for someone or something. I used to call my dislike a "pet-peeve." But, lately it has gone up a notch to "hate." The feeling of hate that comes over me is seeing politicians on television, finding fliers about them on my front door, receiving phone calls to tell me about someone running for office or seeing politicians walking or riding in a parade. They can put signs in yards or hang ads on fences and those do not bother me.

When I sit down to watch television and it's time for a commercial, I am faced with politicians pointing fingers at each other, telling me how wonderful they are, how awful the other party is and why I should vote for them. Thank God for the remote control because when I see a politician, doesn't matter what party, I will flip the channel or hit the mute button. Fliers on my door go directly into the trash. My thought is that with the money spent for the good stock paper, the colored ink, printing and time to distribute the fliers could be used to help those in need!

In a parade, when I am ready to enjoy the clowns, bands, floats, etc. and I see politicians in cars waving at the crowds or worse yet, walking the route of the parade and shaking hands, my stomach gets a feeling of  nausea.

The more I see a politician flaunting their "wares" the less I will vote for him or her. I can read about their records in government and do not need them to try to convince me how wonderful and conscientious they are, or will be, if elected.

Yesterday I received a phone call to tell me about one of the candidates and that phone call was my limit. All my pent up rage that has been stewing for months came out and I let the caller know how I felt. Because I was on my cell phone and there is no way to slam the phone down, I pushed the end button before he could respond. I know he is probably looking around at his fellow callers and saying, "Hey, I got a crazy one on this number, don't call it!" I sure hope he means it.
"I used to say that politics
was the second-oldest
profession. I have come
to know that it bears a gross 
similarity to the first."
Ronald Reagan

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