Sunday, October 26, 2014

Little Free Libraries

Never had I heard of Little Free Libraries until I saw one in Longmont, Colorado. The box was metal, had toy blocks coming out of a faucet instead of water and two shelves for books.

I looked up information on this great idea and found that The Little Free Libraries can be smaller than the Longmont one, be water proof, be of different sizes and shapes and have a glass front. Some look like large bird houses. Books are placed in the boxes and people can take books out and replace them with books read. The purpose is to get more people reading.

On the Internet I saw pictures of the Little Free Libraries with a sign: Take a book. Leave a book. Some have a bench next to the Little Library for people to sit and browse. Cicero said: "If you have a garden and a library, you have every thing you need." Some of the Little Libraries look like old fashioned cabinets, newspaper boxes, or decorated wagons.

I find the idea to be very creative and children love to find a book to read in the boxes. Children or adult books can be shared in the Little Free Libraries.

These four Little Free Library
boxes were taken from the Internet
to show the clever ideas of some
people who put up the book boxes for all to enjoy!

In talking with a friend, she said, "We have a couple of those little libraries in my neighborhood." She showed me the Little Free Libraries situated in Arvada and my guess is that there are probably many more in the area. Who knew? At one Little Free Library, I found a book I wanted to read. How neat is that?

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