Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On The Back of a Horse

There was a football game going on that afternoon, and I am not sure why I decided to go horseback riding. I got a chestnut, fully saddled and was told it had a quiet personality. Somehow, the horse seemed to know my thoughts because he obeyed me almost before I gave a command.

There must have been a parade because I stood in a long line with other horseback riders. As my horse moved, I could hear the creaking of the leather saddle and felt myself sink softly into the horse's back and then straighten up. We left the line and I was maneuvering the horse through the different horse paths. Some ran in front of stalls while other paths were out in the open fields.

How I enjoyed the rhythmic movement of the horse when he galloped. I felt like a real cowgirl! Returning to the stables and the maze of chutes, I did not know how to find my way to where I had rented the horse. In one large room there were drinking fountains for horses and large troughs below the fountain. I got off the horse so he could drink and was standing beside him when he got himself into the trough with water. His whole body was in the water. I gently slapped his wet, reddish rump to get him out of the water. He snorted and got out of the stone trough.

I continued looking for the way to the rental place and some nice cowgirls pointed me in the right direction. As we crossed a field, an orange tiger came out of nowhere and my fear was that my horse would bolt. Would I be able to stay on if he did? As the horse side-stepped and moved in a nervous manner, the tiger ran away. In my back pocket, my cell phone was ringing but I concentrated on riding and could not answer it. I knew it was my friend at the football game and wondered if he was worried about me. After all, I was only going for an hour ride and here it was almost eight hours that I had been riding!

The many paths were confusing and when I was beginning to think I would never find my way to the place where I had originally gotten the horse, a man told me I was close. One more turn, then left, and I'd be where I wanted to go is what he told me. I asked him how much he thought it would cost me for riding around all day. He smiled and said, "It's around $8.00 an hour."

The strong neck of the horse was wet with sweat as I rubbed the reddish-brown firm neck. "Good boy, you're a good boy," I said. I saw the rental stable and right as I rode up to the entrance, I woke up. What a wonderful dream of riding a beautiful horse! Riding in my dream was so much better than riding in reality!

A dream dictionary states: Riding a horse indicates that you are in a high position or in a position of power.
Non-violent tiger: will meet life head on;  full of confidence and without fear; or there is trouble lurking.

Awake I felt that nostalgia of my past when I used to enjoy going horseback riding and of course, trying to figure out the symbolism of my dream.

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