Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pink Was Her Favorite Color

Often I would see her wearing a pale pink sweater and I always thought how it matched her complexion. She was very fair with a tint of pink. Today, seven friends met at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in her honor and to say a final good-bye. She would have liked that.

I arrived early and decided to look for her grave. Section 33, Block 3, Lot 6, Graveside 9. You would think that the grave would be easy to find, but it wasn't. Up and down the graves I went but could not find where she had been buried. Another friend arrived and she also wandered around looking for her friend and was unable to find her. When everyone arrived we all scattered looking for her, but it seemed as if we would not be able to find her. I kept thinking that she had stated she did not want any service and maybe this was her way of letting us know she meant it! Finally, someone spotted a large plaque in the ground with her family name.

Flowers were placed on or near her grave and everyone either thought or said a few words. We prayed an Our Father as each of us said our goodbyes. We left Mt. Olivet and met at The Outback in Westminster to continue reminiscing about our friend and how we had met her. Everyone wore some shade of pink, except for the male in the group. I learned that those in attendance all had some special connection to our mutual friend. A neighbor had helped her with certain chores, someone
who had worked with her in the past, two book club friends, a genealogy friend, a nurse friend, and a friend who lived near her in a senior living complex. I already knew of her positive attitude, her sweet personality, her helpfulness and how much she loved her dog. I did not know she collected angels, she had certain books she loved and that she liked to have "all her ducks in a row."

We all clinked our glasses for our friend. Good-bye my friend, rest in peace and may you forever be in God's grace and love.

"I don't think I will ever
get tired of wearing pink."
Emma Bunton

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