Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Marvels of a Glass Blower

Never have I seen such spectacular works of art in glass! The Botanical Gardens in Denver has Chihuly's glass art placed in interesting areas throughout the garden. It seems as if the artist matches the color of flowers with his great works. Sixteen persons from Spirit of Christ Catholic Community watched a video about Chihuly's work, wandered through the Botanical Gardens looking at the many plants, bushes and trees along with the large glass sculptures and enjoyed lunch at The Hive.

Pictures speak louder than words and I have decided that instead of writing about what I saw and admired, I will just show the beautiful works of art.

The artist, Dale Chihuly, has taken glass blowing from being a craft to fine art. He has shown his work all over the world and it takes a team of workers (artists) to produce and assemble the large pieces of art. In the brochure it is mentioned that he has work in more than 200 museum collections and also in parts of Canada, England, Singapore, Kuwait,  Italy, Jerusalem, Finland and the United States.
  Luckily, some of the plants are still blooming and showing their last flowers of the year. Before long all will be dry or frozen, yet when spring comes along, the cycle will be complete because spring will also bring more flowers!

"Art is not what you see,
but what you make others see."
Edgar Dagas

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