Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Phone Call

Phone Rings

son in hospital
heart pounds
tears flow
spirit low
son dying
in coma
for unwanted news.

Off life support
each breath

E. Moscoso
October 29, 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Card That Kept On Giving

My Mother would tell me that when something is given from the heart the receiver will like it and enjoy the gift. Once when someone where I worked drew my name for Christmas and I saw the great gifts that everyone was getting, I could hardly wait to open my present. I hoped that the disappointment did not show on my face because the gift was a pair of knit booties. I did not like the gift at all and envied the calendars, tea cups, diaries, jewelry and gift certificates that others received. When I got home I threw the booties in a drawer.

A few months later, I was looking for something to keep my feet warm and pulled out the booties. They were comfortable and I found myself wearing them a lot. Years later when the booties had worn out and I had to toss them out, I finally understood what my Mother meant. The lady who gave me the booties must have given them from her heart!

I received a gift card for Ruby Tuesday and invited a friend for a meal. After paying with the gift card, there was about $7.30 left on the card. A few days later, I took my granddaughter to the same restaurant and we had a pleasant lunch. When I gave the waiter the gift card I told him I would pay the remainder with cash. He left and when he returned he said, "I used your $25 gift card." I said, "Oh, there was only about seven dollars on the card." His reply was, "No I called it in and they told me there was $25 on the card."  I said, "I don't think that is right." He said, "There is nothing I can do when I am told there is $25 on this card. Maybe you had another card."

The remainder of the card, what ever it happened to be, I told him to keep for a tip. I couldn't help but think that the giver of the card must have given it to me  from the heart because the card worked twice; $40 on a $25 gift card!

(If the reader is wondering that maybe the card was worth more than $25, it wasn't, because before I used the card I called the number on the back of the card and was told it was a $25 card.)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

What Is Meant to Be

Sometimes, things that happen are either strange, coincidences or acts of God. Here is what happened this past week. You figure out how this came about!

October 18: I called a friend and suggested taking another friend, going in for knee surgery, out to lunch. "I have a gift certificate and a coupon for Ruby Tuesday's." Her answer was: "I don't think she likes Ruby Tuesday because she got ill when eating there once, and she has a Groupon for Jack n Grill she wants to use before the end of the month." I did not say anymore because years ago I also got sick after eating at Ruby Tuesday.

October 20: Four us met at AMC theater in Westminster and saw the movie Girl On the Train. After the movie three of them went to Jack n Grill to use the Groupon but I could not go because I had another commitment.

My thought was that since I would be going out with my granddaughter on Monday, October 24, that I would use the coupon and gift certificate and take her to Ruby Tuesday.

October 23: I went to the 12:15 mass and as I was leaving the church my friend going in for knee surgery  happened to be there. I asked her if she wanted to go to lunch and we tried to come up with places to eat. I told her I needed a place with a good salad.  Imagine my surprise when she said, "How about Ruby Tuesday?"

We went to the Ruby Tuesday Restaurant in Arvada and I enjoyed a salad, grilled salmon and zucchini while she had a large salad. I couldn't help thinking that my original thought of taking her to lunch had come true.  Was it a coincidence or what was meant to be, happened.

Our lunch did not cost us a thing (she did put down a tip) and we had an interesting and fun conversation. And I still have about seven dollars on my gift card! Maybe I will take my granddaughter there tomorrow!

"Coincidence is God's
way of being anonymous."
Laura Pedersen

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Art On The Ground

I love trees. I enjoy looking at summer trees with all their leaves, the fall trees in all their orange, red and yellow colors, spring trees budding, and even the stark naked trees of winter.
Yesterday, in my driveway, the leaves from my neighbor's' tree had landed in an artful display. As I left my house I thought, those leaves really do look pretty. They were arranged perfectly in an artsy sort of way. These were not the usual yellow fall leaves but a muted grayish color with a hint of what they once had been.

The next day, even though it was windy, they were still there and I got a  feeling that they were waiting for me to take a picture. Out came my camera and now I have the beautiful arrangement for posterity!

"Leaves leave the world
in beautiful colors and songs."
Debasish Mridha

Friday, October 21, 2016

Pay It Forward

A small loaf of banana bread was given to me yesterday by a  friend. I thanked her as I said, "Looks good, but I am not eating sweets." I handed the loaf back to her and she put it back in my hand with these words, "I know you can't eat it, but pay it forward."

My thought was to stick it into the freezer until someday in the future when I might begin eating sweets again. But, when I visited a friend who is a care taker for his ill wife, I thought I would give it to him. The look of thanksgiving on his face made me realize I had made the right decision. His wife had been a great cook and did a lot of baking until she became ill. He probably missed the goodies she would bake and have around the house.

A priest came to visit him and my friend offered him a cup of coffee with some of the banana bread.
The priest told him that he goes to many homes and very seldom is he offered anything. My friend said he could tell the priest appreciated the coffee and bread.

Little did my baking friend know that her banana bread brought joy to me, to my friend and to a priest!

Image result for image of banana bread

"A purposeful act or extension of
kindness to another is never
wasted for it always resides
in the hearts of all involved
in a chain of love."
Molly Friedenfeld

An Afternoon in Hawaii

On October 18, 2016, I entered the room at Spirit of Christ Catholic Community and my breath was taken away. I entered a room of festive and colorful Hawaiian decorations. Creative pieces on the tables and hanging from the ceiling were clever and attractive.

The room buzzed with laughter and happiness. Friendships seems to blossom as friends greeted each other. The Hawaiian outfits were beautiful and colorful.


The large gathering, close to 200 persons, ate the delicious meal of pulled pork and the dessert table had many delicious sweet treats! And this wasn't all; entertainment with two hula dancers completed the wonderful affair!

Colorado Hula came and swayed to the music from the different islands in Hawaii and they got some of the Young At Heart people to join them.

 October Birthdays were celebrated and each person received a Hershey candy bar.

Readers must not think that YAH is only a party group; we also do acts of mercy and on this day we collected 490 pounds of food for the Arvada Food Bank!

Peeling The Skin Of An Onion

This skin of an onion analogy is used often to try to show the different layers of our psyche. We are not whom we seem to be at first glance and it is after peeling away parts of our lives that our true self emerges.

In the past, when I would hear about Donald Trump, the only thing I knew was that he was a wealthy business man building skyscrapers and casinos. His reality television show I watched a few times but found him to be too harsh and abrasive in how he fired people, I stopped watching the show.

Those were two layers coming off. I became aware of him again when he seemed to want to be a wannabe politician. He did not have the experience and I remember thinking how some people will try anything, whether qualified or not.

I began seeing him on television and could not believe what he was saying. He insulted immigrants, made fun of a handicapped person, mentioned that he could shoot someone in New York City and people would still vote for him, made blatant remarks about women's looks or bodies, and became angry and combative when asked certain questions.  These were a few more layers coming off and I found it difficult to like the man.

Some people believed like he did, yet, I had no idea why others believed as he did. It puzzled me that there were many who were behind him cheering him on. Did it not bother them that he had not paid taxes for years and that many contractors and workers had lost money because he filed for bankruptcy? Could America be sinking into a dark age? Did they know something I did not? What was I missing, I kept asking myself, that so many people liked him?

I have known some good-looking, smooth talking con men in my life and a scary feeling bubbled in my stomach. Was he a 100% con man who would say and do anything to get a vote? I worked in Family Law as a paralegal and one thing I remembered is that some abusive men would hurt their partners because their philosophy was: If I can't have you no body else will." Would this candidate wreck our democratic process to have his own way?

Knowing how politics are conducted and lies told as truths I did as I always do, gave him the benefit of the doubt. After all, I do not keep up with politics and/or politicians. Though I did have an uneasy feeling in my head and in my heart I wondered what would happen if he should win the election?

When the tape about his nasty conversation about women, body parts and what he would like to do to women came out, more layers of the onion came off. Here was proof of what kind of a man he was. When I heard that it was locker room talk, men just ranting as they always do, I thought but you are not in a locker room, you are at a studio. It pained me to see women lined up and cheering for him. Why? I asked!

Respect for this man had been lost after a few more skins had been ripped off of that onion, but now I found it difficult to look at him on the screen. He was a bully, a liar, a con man and he had no respect for his fellowmen, especially women. Could his family not see what he was like? Did they know but chose to ignore his faults? After all he was their husband/father and maybe getting into the white house was important to them that they agreed with his actions and words.

Some of my friends told me they were voting for him because they did not want Hillary to win. They called her a liar and a cheat. I was not that thrilled with her either, but when I compared the two he tipped the scale of being dishonest a bit more than she did.

When I went to peel off another skin off that onion, I found there was no more onion. After all the layers had come off, I was left with nothing.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Park Within A Park

The size of Majestic View Park in Arvada amazed me. Today I took a walk through the park and found other trails that led me on dirt paths, open spaces, a bird sanctuary, and to a small lake. There were a few dirt trails I did not venture on because they looked as if they were down hill and I knew I would have to come back up. That curbed by enthusiasm to investigate further!

The Nature Center has a large stuffed bob cat and other smaller animals, plus information about wild life in the area, pictures of birds, and Tai Chi classes in the outdoor patio. School children come in buses to learn about nature which is taught by volunteers. There is a dry erase board with names of what wild life was spotted at the park. There were four different birds and a coyote that someone had written down on the board. I hope I don't run into a coyote!

Areas with different grasses, plants, shrubs, and flowers are labeled to let one know what is planted along the walkways.  Evidently, there are different birds but I did not see any.
In the distance I saw what looked like a black and white owl. It had pointed ears but the more I looked I decided it was a large cat.

One path led me to a flagstone pit where, I would guess, small gatherings could meet. I liked the wide cement walkways which makes it easier to walk with other people and not feel crowded. I know I will return to see what else the park has to offer because I know I did not see it all. Made me proud to know that my town had such an elegant place for people to visit.

There are benches along the way where one can sit, relax and enjoy the beautiful view.

"Love of beauty is taste.
The creation of beauty is art."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Saga of the Hard Boiled Egg

Taken from my Mother,
placed in a carton with
eleven other friends,
put in boiling water
until I became
a white firm cover over
my round yellow body.
My transformation
did not keep me from
wanting to escape.
I may have looked
different but I was
still an egg that didn't
want to be eaten.
On a beautiful fall day
into a cooler I went
to be somebody's meal
yet, I knew this had to be my
chance to escape.
A plan began to take shape.
In my cocoon I waited.
until I heard a crack.
Fingers carefully
peeled my shell,
when I had my chance,
I slid right out before
I could be eaten.
I flew as if shot from
a canon and didn't
look back to see the
disappointment on
the face of the peeler.
Landing in a pile of
pine needles under
the picnic table I
buried myself as deep
as I could.
I was free.
When no one was
looking I rolled
away and hid
under a rock.
Laughed when
they looked for me
and at the shock
of not being able
to find me.
"A bird must have
picked it up or an
animal took it away,"
is what I heard as I hid
my white oval body
in my new home.
I escaped being eaten
and will hide in the
mountains forever,
because being free
and living under a
a rock will be my fate.
The egg did not see
the bear foraging near by.
This ends the saga
of one hard boiled egg!

E. Moscoso
October 11, 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Day In The Mountains

Not knowing when snow would arrive and yesterday was in the mid-seventies, a friend and I decided to drive to one of my favorite places in the mountains. Hundreds of other people must have had the same idea because Estes Park, Colorado had many tourists wandering along the sidewalks. I know they were tourists by the out of state license plates. Driving through the town was bumper to bumper. The many visitors could have been drawn to the park because of the end-of-year sales. The sidewalks swarmed with people looking at merchandise set out on tables in front of the stores.

We entered Rocky Mountain National Forest in hopes of seeing some wild life. Not a one large animal was spotted though we saw  chipmunks and birds. The blue jays in their brilliant blue, were beautiful but shy, while the daring Magpies stayed near in hopes of getting something to eat.

There were still plenty of golden trees blending in with the dark green pine trees. In the sun, it was warm but the shade was cool and the peacefulness and quiet (away from other tourists) had a calming effect and made me feel so happy to be alive! I thank God for my eyes to see the beauty and my ears to hear the soft rustling of the trees.

We returned to the town and joined the multitudes looking through the tables for sale items. I found a neat faux leopard jacket for $15 but could not find my size even though I looked through the many piles on the table. There were some good sales, yet reason prevailed and I did not come home with something I might never use!

A wonderful day, a healthy picnic, lovely scenery and on our way home we stopped at Trader Joe's for some of my favorite TJ items. It had been seven hours of fun, yet I was happy to get home to watch the Presidential Debate. The angry debate could not dampen the good feeling of my day in the mountains!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Walk Through Antiques

For years I have driven on I-70 headed West and have seen a building on the right side of the highway. There are always cars in the lot and every time I drive by I think, one of these days I am going to stop and go inside the Brass Armadillo. Yesterday was that day.

The huge flea market was decorated for Halloween and loaded with antiques. Stall after stall stretching from one end of the large area to the next and each with its own unique goods. By looking at a detailed map, I believe there are 250 stalls and each one is loaded with dishes, hunting equipment, old records, books, clothing, cameras, jewelry, furniture, toys, chandeliers, blankets, framed pictures, mirrors, cooking ware, silver, crystal, shoes, trunks, suitcases, posters, dolls, stuffed wild animals and whatever you might fancy; it is all there!

I spent about an hour looking at each area and probably got through a fourth of the mall. I know I will return to see the rest of the displays. It seemed as if things were priced higher than I thought the items were worth, but who am I to say! Two salt and pepper shakers were marked at $5.00 a piece and I have the very same ones that I use everyday, and I know I did not pay $5.00 for them.

As I looked around I kept thinking that I have lots of things I could sell at the antique store. Collector plates, tea sets, cameras (may or not work), Nativity sets, fish sets, records, Duncan Phyfe furniture (needs major repair) and some jewelry. My collection of trolls would have fit right in, but I gave the whole set to my granddaughter! I wonder if some of my "junk" would sell. Many things that would have fit right in at the antique mall had been sold a year ago at my garage sale. The prices at the garage sale were nothing like the tags at the Brass Armadillo mall.

Everyone looking was friendly and stopped to chat. Most remembered what they used to have while growing up. One man told me that they used the Kerosene lamps until he entered high school. A woman told me she had the same doll when she was a child. I could not believe that an old trunk was selling for $150. I sold one at a garage sale for $20 and it was in better condition than the one I saw today!  If any thing, it is a fun place to remember the past.

"Junk stands and antique
markets are the perfect place
to pickup clues
about the history of a
country, region or town."
Judith Miller

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Variety is the Spice of Life

On my daily walks I try to put a bit of variety on where I go walking. I have walked at Lake Arbor in Arvada,

Berkeley in Denver,

and Jim Baker Reservoir in Adams County.

Today I walked at Majestic Park in Arvada and realized that it is a hilly place to walk. Even though it looks flat, I did some puffing in some areas!

My eyes see so much beauty while my body (I hope) is getting some benefit from my walks. An article I read had this information: A brisk walk can help one in maintaining a healthy weight, prevent or manage heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes. Walking also strengthens bones and muscles, helps improve one's mood and improves balance and coordination.

"If you seek creative ideas,
go walking.
Angels whisper to a
man when he goes for a walk."
Raymond I. Myers