Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Fun Day Ends With Tiramisu Cake

Today three friends drove to Longmont, Colorado so the two that had never been to the Cheese Importers could experience the interesting place filled with many French items. I had been there before so I played being a tour guide as I directed the driver to the large warehouse looking building.
The parking lot was filled and the over flow lot was almost full though we did manage to find a spot.
Due to a rainstorm in the morning, all the umbrellas were closed so the colorful patio was not to be seen. Inside, it took my friends by surprise. "So many things to see," they said, as we entered. A long line waiting to eat reached the front door.

They spent time in the cold cheese room looking at the different varieties of  French, Italian and Mexican cheese. The bins had different types of olives and vegetables soaking in olive oil.

 They sampled some of the wares but I did not stay in the freezing room too long because it was too cold for me and I did not put on one of their handy jackets. After buying some cheese they exited the cold room and we walked up and down the crowded aisles commenting on the prices of aprons, towels, plastic ware, books, creams, candy, and an antique Virgin Mary. (Not sure if it was an antique, but it did look old!)
Lunch at the Cheese Importers seemed out of the question because of the long line that never seemed to get shorter. I suggested an Irish restaurant where I had met a friend for lunch once and luckily we found a parking spot about half a block from Mike O'Shay's Restaurant. We ordered two Ruben's that were stacked high with corned beef and sauerkraut and a turkey Ruben. None of us could eat all of our sandwich and we left the restaurant with "doggie" boxes. I don't know what caused one of my friends to look up, but she did and said, "Look, the light is made with wine glasses." My other friend said, "Look, that light is blue bottles and that other light is made from forks." We looked and were amazed at the clever lights!

Before we left we shared a gigantic slice of Tiramisu cake. The layers had chocolate mousse, a creamy sweet filling, dark chocolate, marzipan, and what ever else which made it the best cake I have ever eaten! It did not take long to finish the delicious slice of cake!

It seems fitting to say
Au revoir, Adios, Arrivederci,
and So-Long to end this blog!

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  1. The Cheese Importers! One of my very favorite places to eat and shop!