Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Fun Place to Volunteer

This year, 2017, I decided to volunteer at the 9 Health Fair. I contacted the necessary people, got signed up and on the day before the Fair I went in for a training. The morning of the Fair I arrived at the church where the Fair would be held, at six in the morning. There were a lot of people milling around and I did not know any of them. I picked up a packet and found a name tag, a ribbon with "Ask Me For Help," a 9 pin, two meal tickets and later I got a blue t-shirt so people would know I was a volunteer. 

A breakfast of scrambled eggs, potatoes, cinnamon rolls, and fruit fortified us before we tackled our volunteering jobs.  My title was Floater and my job was to relieve workers who needed a break. I tried relieving but everyone I asked did not want to take a break so I self-appointed myself to become an  Ambassador directing and helping people find where they wanted to go.

I have volunteered in various places but the 9 Health Fair, to me was the most fun. I enjoyed talking to the different people and listening to their stories. I loved helping them find their way through the two floors of health helps. Showing people, especially those that had problems walking, the elevator made everyone happy!

On my break I also took advantage of the benefits of the Health Fair. My blood was drawn and I will get results in about four weeks. My memory was okay and it felt good hearing someone tell me I did not have to worry. Bone density was tested and it was about in the middle of where it should be so that was good. Balance was interesting because I did wobble a bit when I was told to put one foot in front of the other. I was fine while holding on to something but on my own, I wasn't so steady. After listening to young girls tell me about nutrition and how to shop for healthier and cheaper items at the grocery store I received a large green bag and a $10 gift certificate to King Soopers.

At noon when everything began to close down, I found some friends and enjoyed a lunch provided by Chick fil A. My suggestion is to anyone who wants to make a difference in people's lives while enjoying yourself, is to volunteer at the 9 Health Fair!

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