Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Lovely Lunch

As my small family continues to shrink, I have come to rely more on friendships. My friends are becoming more like my family and I enjoy the times I spend with them. I figure I have about five different sets of friends and when I am with each group, I feel loved and accepted.

"One loyal friend
is worth more
than a thousand relatives."

Yesterday, a friend decided to have a pre-Easter lunch for a few of her friends. Driving up to her house I liked the neat front yard without any grass. It is landscaped with smooth stone. The house is beautiful with comfortable furniture, large pictures on the wall, colorful vases, and a hardwood floor. The patio is huge running from one end of the yard to the other. Southwestern looking birdhouses designed by her husband  are in the back yard, a large owl guards the yard from pesky birds, and a statue of Our Blessed Mother in blue and white watches over the yard. Golden angels also reside in the neatly kept yard.

The table was set with matching dishes and the counter held salmon, a cauliflower dish, a colorful salad, fruit and quiche. We spent the next two hours laughing and talking while enjoying the delicious food. For dessert she served a fresh strawberry pie with whipped cream. At each setting she had placed a decorated rock that we could bring home with us. How thoughtful was that?! Having her daughter join us was extra special because she gets along with the older generation!

I thank God for this special friendship with four wonderful persons. We are beginning a tradition to get together for our birthdays and to share special moments with each other. When we get together it is a pleasure and I know we will have a good time!

"I have learned that to be with
those I like is enough!"
Walt Whitman

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  1. What a special time. I love the idea of the painted rocks by your place setting.