Saturday, April 1, 2017

Coloring Book Fun

Growing up I remember coloring books and crayons. Hours would be spent coloring the different pictures and every time my Mother went shopping, I would get a new book to color. When my children were small I also purchased coloring books for them and then again for my grandchildren. Sometimes I would sit with them and color. "Stay inside the lines," I would say. Today, I reverted back to coloring at a Coloring Book Party.

Coloring books are back in style for adults and a few of my friends have purchased the books. The hobby, if that is what one wants to call it, can be expensive. Books run from $6.00 to over $20 plus the coloring pencils. The books are available at Barnes and Noble, practically any place where books are sold and on the Internet. Subject matter can be anything; history, art, flowers, fairy tales, western, Victorian, etc.

Today we got together and each of us took a different book. I chose a book entitled Whimsical Gardens and decided to color a tree with many birds. A Van Gogh, an Indian Princess and an abstract floral were picked by the other three friends. We colored diligently while carrying on a conversation and then we took a break to eat dinner.

Chicken, rice, curry, southwestern salad, roasted cauliflower, and small stuffed pockets gave us strength needed to continue coloring.  It was a fun dinner with laughter and plenty of discussions. After clearing the table, we ate candy kisses on pretzel squares for dessert as well as tasting Ginger Slices and enjoying a Chai iced drink.  And then we were ready to return to our coloring.

Coloring is relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable as we stayed within the lines and colored our pictures with a variety of colored pencils and markers. Somehow, it is much easier to stay within the lines now that we are older! Two of us finished our pictures and had to show off our finished art work!

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  1. This was such a fun night! I am ready for another one...especially with all the good food we had. Talking, coloring and eating!