Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Two nights in a row I have received a large diamond engagement ring. Last night, a sparkling diamond bracelet was added. As you can imagine, these are dreams and since I do not like diamonds or flashy jewelry, I wonder why I am dreaming diamonds. In my dream I hold my hand out to admire the ring and last night I waved my wrist around to see the diamonds glitter.

Being of a curious nature I clicked on Google.

Google's response:

Diamonds represent marriage or a steady and solid relationship with a loved one.
Diamonds show that I have a strong mind and beliefs; not easily swayed.
Diamonds represent I am seeking wealth.
Diamonds mean I will receive joyful news.
Diamonds mean I am trying to develop spirituality.
Diamonds mean it could be a sign of false friendship, betrayal or greed.
Diamonds mean prosperity in family.
Diamonds mean eternal loyalty.
Diamonds mean excellence in relationships.

Depending on which blurb I read they were all different and had different meanings. None rang a bell or gave me an "aha" moment so I am left with the big puzzle as to why my dreams have diamonds in them.

"Square cut or pear shaped these rocks
don't lose their shape,
diamonds are a girl's best friend."
Lyrics from Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friends
by L Robin and J Styne, Songwriters

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