Saturday, April 1, 2017

It's A Small World

While visiting a friend in Greeley I met a tall, handsome young man. In the course of our conversation I learned that he was the son of a friend of mine. She and I had attended Lincoln grade school, Meeker Junior High (now it would be called middle school), and Greeley High School, making it a total of thirteen years of school days. I remember seeing her at church functions and we shared a lot living in the small town of Greeley.

Now I was meeting her son and was shocked when he told me he worked in Old Town Arvada as a hairdresser for seventeen years. Who knows, I may have passed him on the street and never had a clue that he was a past friend's son. Makes me wonder how many others are out there who are children of my school mates!

I was sorry to hear that his mother passed away about three years ago. I am thankful that I was able to meet her son and his wife. I had a picture of his mother and on the back of the picture she had written: I have enjoyed knowing you in our good old school days. Gee, it just doesn't feel like we're ready to graduate. I can still remember a lot of things we did in Lincoln and Jr. High. Good luck and may we be friends forever.  I took a copy of the picture to him in case he did not have one of her youth!
Rest In Peace
My Friend From My Past

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