Sunday, April 30, 2017

Looks or Efficiency

All my life I have had blood drawn for different health tests and by looking at my arm, no one would ever know it. Yesterday, I had my blood drawn by a handsome fireman. I was at the 9 Heath Fair and even though there was a young woman flagging me over, I picked the tall, handsome blond fireman. He was friendly and with a sense of humor. How lucky am I, I thought.

He had me place my arm on his leg as he drew blood. That was a thrill in itself! He seemed to find my vein easily and I didn't feel a thing when the needle went in. I was out of the chair in less than five minutes. As he placed a cotton ball and tape in the crook of my arm, he looked at me with beautiful blue eyes and said, "Keep that on for at least thirty minutes."

I forgot all about the tape until this morning when I pulled off the tape. There was some blood on the cotton ball which I do not recall ever seeing when my blood has been taken. Then I saw my arm. A huge purple bruise looked awful. How could that have happened?

The only thing I can believe is that my good looking fireman did not know what he was doing. I should have gone to the nurse that had been flagging me. Was this my punishment for going for beauty? One thing I have learned for the future is that looks sometimes do not substitute for efficiency!
Got a blood test the
other day, and now I have a bruise
around the area where the needle went in.

  Bruising around the site of a blood draw
is a very common phenomenon and should
not prompt immediate concern.


  1. So since it is common to have a bruise, I guess you can still go for beauty!

  2. This is the first bruise I have gotten in all the times I have had blood drawn.....I find it odd that the first time a man draws my blood, he ends up bruising me! Maybe looks have nothing to do with it!!!