Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Monday Is Not A Good Day

When I worked, Monday was not an easy day for me. It was difficult to get up on Monday to begin another week of work. I often heard Monday referred to as blah day, bad day, ugly day or worst day of the week. Since I retired, Monday is just like any other day except for yesterday morning. I was meeting a friend for breakfast and it seemed as if everything was closed. Steuben's, Egg Shell, Breadwinner, and Ralston Café were not open on Monday. We had to laugh as each place seemed to reject us. We were both hungry and we were beginning to feel as if the universe was against us!

Even though we wanted an American breakfast type restaurant, I suggested trying Santiago's because I knew that even though it was a Mexican restaurant they would surely have Huevos Rancheros. A silent prayer that they would be open was answered and seeing the parking lot full of cars gave us a good feeling. The place was packed!  Looks like no one else could find a place for breakfast and they all ended up here,"  my friend exclaimed. I noticed there were many persons in the takeout line and realized that Santiago's has a busy to go section as well as sit down. Even though most of the booths were full, we were lucky to find place to sit.

The restaurant is not the most aesthetic place to eat, yet Santiago's is one of my favorite places because I love their green chili. I like that they have a hot chili and then the more civilized chili referred to as half and half. Mexican music pours out of the speakers and gives the feeling of being in Mexico!

We both ordered the Hueveos Rancheros and it was a delicious breakfast; two eggs over easy smothered in green chili, cubed potatoes, refried beans and two tortillas.  After our frustration of not finding a place to eat, it all ended well.

"Monday can be a bad day
unless you go to Santiago's
where half-hot and half-mild
will drive you half-wild
with tantalizing food
that tastes deliciously good!"
E. Moscoso

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