Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My Cell Phone Went For A Swim Today

My advice to people with cell phones is to never put them in the back pocket of your jeans. That is an accident waiting to happen, such as what happened to me today. I went to the bathroom and did not suspect a thing until I went to flush the toilet. There in the water was my cell phone. I fished it out and wiped it and then dried it as best as I could. A colorful streak of color ran up and down the screen.

I have heard horror stories of phones submerged in water. As I told my tale of woe I got different words of wisdom. "Put it in rice and let it sit for 24-48 hours." "Don't try starting the phone and maybe when it dries up it will begin to work again." "Take it to your phone company and maybe they will replace it." I said, "I will go to Verizon and see what they tell me. I may need to buy another phone."

At the Verizon store I explained what had happened to a young man. I swear, he looked about twelve years old. In fact, looking around at all the sales persons milling around, they all seemed like high school  kids. I was shown many types of cell phones and many prices. As I hesitated because the young man could not get my phone to work, he suggested that I take my phone to Staples on 120th to see if they could dry out my phone. "They have a special machine that will get all the water out of your phone," I was told.

At Staples, after I told them my tale of woe, they put my phone in a container, about the size of a bread box. A switch was turned on and I was  informed that in thirty minutes we would know if the phone would once again work. Another customer had also dropped his phone into the toilet and when his phone came out of the box, it did not work. I felt bad for him.  "What are my chances that my phone will be okay?" I asked. I was told that we would not know until the phone was removed from the box. I prayed as I waited that my phone would be all right.

Thirty minutes later, as the box was opened, we all stood around looking at my phone. It was turned on and my screen came up. I have never been so happy as when I saw my phone light up.  It seemed to be working. The technician tried different apps on my phone, checked my pictures which had not disappeared and she said, "I think you are okay, your phone is working."

I could not thank the Staples workers enough. They had saved me lots of money, saved me the headache of learning a new phone, and my phone seemed to be working as good as before it went for a swim!

"As long as you have
a cell phone,
you are never alone!"
Stanley Victor Paskavich


  1. It is apparently very common for cell phones to get dropped in the toilet! A friend just had it happen to her as well...to bad she didn't know about Staples!

  2. That's what I was told at Staples, they get quite a lot of cell phones to dry out! Some phones can be saved but others can not. Word of advice: Get phone in asap, don't turn it on or try to charge it.