Saturday, April 8, 2017

Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church

I was ten years old when Our Lady of Peace church was dedicated on July 8, 1948. What ever happened on that day, I have no recollection. I do have the souvenir program that I found in my father's belongings when he passed away. In the brochure it mentions "The church had its beginnings in war years and a shrine to Our Lady of Peace seemed most appropriate." On July 30, 2004, I returned to Greeley for the dedication of the addition of two architectural wings in order to make the church larger to accommodate the flock of new parishioners.

Last week I entered the church again and was flabbergasted at the beautiful interior. The blue sky with white clouds on the ceiling was certainly an improvement! The whole church was much different than what I remembered. It looked like an entirely new church. Somewhere in my huge library of photos, I have pictures of what the church looked like before the renovations and if I find them I will also put them in this blog. But, until I do, I am only putting the pictures I took on April 6, 2017.

 I couldn't help but think that if my parents returned to the small church they remembered, what a surprise they would experience in seeing the small church enlarged and beautified in such an attractive manner!

A beautiful home for Our Lady of Peace.

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