Thursday, April 13, 2017

Post and Go

Entering the post office before it opened to the public, I found it to be eerily quiet. I approached the large machine with trepidation because I had never used the "do it yourself" machine to mail a package. I pushed all the right instructions while the machine lead me through the many steps on a screen. How a machine can come up with a complete address by me just giving it a single number is beyond me. It is almost like magic. It did not take cash but did swallow my credit card until a green light glowed and I was able to pull the card out of the slot.

As it spit out my Priority Mail label I placed it on top of the package and continued following instructions on the screen. I purchased twenty stamps and when I got the stamps there were only ten stamps that slipped out of the innards of the machine. Returning to my package, the label I had placed on top of the package was gone. Where could it have gone? I searched all around the machine, in my purse, and in my pockets but there was no label. Should I wait until the P.O. opened so I could complain? No label and ten stamps were missing!

I looked all around the area and peeked into the trash can with loose papers. There is no way my label could have gotten into the trash, I thought, and then maybe somehow it did. I dug through the papers and there I found the label. I mailed the package and searched in the trash for my sheet of ten stamps.
Nothing. As I turned to leave, the machine gave a whirring sound and out popped my stamps. Is that odd or what? If I had not spent time looking for the label and searching for my "lost" items, I would not have been around when the machine finally spit my stamps out ten minutes later!

Everything turned out okay except for a few minutes of frustration in dealing with a machine. A machine that can not answer if you speak to it, but it can give you items you request at its own pace!

A convenient machine
that beats to its own drum!

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