Sunday, April 16, 2017

What Would I Do Without God In My Life?

Without God, I would be a bumbling fool, not sure what to do next. Many times in my life, without me even realizing why or how, God has directed me to make a right move. This morning was one of those mornings. It was Easter and I wondered which mass to attend and chose the first mass of the morning at seven. I don't believe I have ever attended mass that early, except maybe once on New Year's Eve when I partied until dawn and went directly to mass before going home!

About two months ago a friend told me that she and her family went to Blackhawk for brunch on Easter. I said, "That sounds like fun." She said, "Join us." I told her I would let her know. The idea of going to the hill evaporated from my mind.  About a week ago I was invited by another friend to join her family's celebration on Easter. This being my first Easter without my son I knew I would be feeling blue, yet I didn't want to intrude into some one else's family.

On Holy Saturday I wondered what to do on Easter. I checked to see if stores would be open and thought I might go shopping. I checked the movies, maybe I would go see a movie. There was always grocery shopping I could do. I could read or work around the house.

Easter morning arrived and I had not made up my mind as to what I was going to do. The sunrise was beautiful and I drove out of my way to get a picture making me wonder if I would be late for mass.
Arriving at church I was lucky to find a parking spot and entered the beautifully decorated altar, the choir was practicing the hymns they would sing, and women were dressed in pastels or floral outfits and men wore suits. Well, more suits than I usually see at mass. I found a place to sit when behind me I heard,  "Is this seat taken?"  I said, "No," and looked up and there was a dear friend who is battling cancer. We embraced and she and her husband sat next to me. To me this was a miracle....first because they found a seat in the crowded church and second that it was next to me!
"Will you be going up to Blackhawk with our friends?" she whispered.

Immediately, I knew God was letting me know what I would be doing for Easter. "Oh my, I had forgotten about that, but yes I will go if I see her." It was then I remembered the past conversation about Blackhawk.  When she reached over and got my hand while slipping a black and silver bracelet rosary on my wrist, she whispered, "Happy Easter." I had to choke back my tears. How thoughtful is this lady, I thought, she has her own worries yet thinks of others.

After mass the couple going to the mountains met us near the back of the church.  They did remember our previous conversation. After hugging and wishing each other a happy Easter, it was decided I would be picked up at ten to drive to the mountains for brunch!  I could not have planned it better myself, but God could and did!

Easter at the Isle of Capri was fun and enjoyable. The $32.00 brunch was free after playing for thirty minutes!

The desserts were my favorites though the traditional food was tasty also! After eating we returned to the machines and one of the four hit it big! What a grand day beginning with mass, being with friends, eating a delicious meal, enjoying the desserts, and winning and losing!

"Do not abandon yourselves to despair.
We are Easter People
and hallelujah is our song!"
Pope John Paul II

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