Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Day With Angels

Yesterday I attended the monthly gathering of WINGS at Spirit of Christ Catholic Community. W.I.N.G.S is the acronym for Widows In Need of Group Support. Their logo is the butterfly which represents the growth of widows without their spouse. About fifty women were present and each table was decorated with a beautiful angel.

The pictures I picked for my blog were my favorite ones, yet there were many more angels gracing the tables. The devoted leader of the group was presented with a huggable teddy bear. After hearing  "She will have her own bear to hug," the group applauded the dedicated leader and all the work she has done through the years.

Lunch was pizza, salad and strawberry short cake. A game called Scatter was played and I was told it was to have the ladies meet other widows. Everyone moved from where they were sitting to another table with new faces. The newly formed group then had to answer six questions:

1) If I won the lottery what would I do?
2) Favorite Pastime.
3) If I could change something about me, what would it be?
4) Scariest experience.
5) Silliest gift received.
6) Most embarrassing moment.

The hope of the game was to make new friends and learn something about each other.  Some of the answers were funny and most would give a lot of their lottery winnings away. Every one present received a non-expiring coupon for a hug.  The group will not meet during the summer but return to their monthly meetings in September.

Paraphrasing part of the
Angel Prayer

When I am sad, send me an angel of joy.
When I doubt, send me an angel of faith.
When in despair, send me an angel of hope.
When darkness surrounds me,
send me an angel of light.

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