Sunday, May 28, 2017

Flowers For The Dead

My usual jaunt to the Mt. Olivet Cemetery on Mother's Day to take flowers to my mother and family members was postponed until today because of the rain, hail, snow and wind. No matter what day I picked to visit the graves, bad weather intervened and I had to pick another day. Today was the day because the sun was shining, the sky was blue, clouds were white and it was warm.

Driving through the gates of the cemetery, I saw many American flags decorating the grounds for Memorial Day. There seemed to be more people than usual and my guess was that they were out because of the lovely weather or they were trying to miss the Memorial Day rush. My first stop was to visit my two aunts. Every year I buy them plastic flowers because I know my Mother would have wanted me to remember them. They both have been gone for quite a few years but I still remember them. They never walked side by side, but one followed the other and I used to find that strange. One was a talker and the other one was quiet. They were my Mother's older sisters, yet my mother died before they did.

Second stop was to visit my parents, my brother and my son. They are lying next to each other on earth and my hope is that they are all together in heaven. If they are sitting around a table, I know my Dad has the seat at the head of the table. When living, no one sat in his chair and I suppose it is the
same in heaven! In my brother's yellow flowers a white, fuzzy spot appeared. A sign?

The latest death is my son and I am still trying to come to grips with his death. He was so young and had so many more things he could have done. But, as the priest said at his funeral, "He has completed his mission on earth." Visiting those that have gone ahead, makes me feel sad that they are no longer here with me. I know, it is a selfish thought, yet the ache in my heart is slowly easing. My son's leaving is still fresh in my heart and it will take awhile for me to not feel the pain of losing him.

For three days after death,
hair and fingernails continue to grow
but phone calls taper off!"
Johnny Carson

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