Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mother Nature Has A Temper

On Monday May 8, 2017, a hail storm hit Arvada and places around Colorado. My thought was Mother Nature must be on menopause and unable to control her anger. Hail broke house windows, windshields, dented cars, broke through siding, wrecked trees and plants. A Costco employee told me that all the workers had their windshields smashed. I happened to be parked at 57th and Balsam where I volunteer at the Food Bank when the storm began to rage!

We heard the thunderous noise as the ping-pong and marble size hail hit the roof. We could see the hail covering grass and parking lot just as if it was snowing. When the storm subsided, we went out to look at the cars. Everything seemed normal and I gave a sigh of relief. When I got into the car I saw the windshield on the passenger side had about six stars. It looked quite artistic. The hail had not broken through the glass but instead left a design on the glass.

Driving home the street was covered in white and it looked as if it had snowed. At home I noticed my fence had changed color with many pits and where the hail had struck it. My car was covered with dings. The next day I spent the day trying to get appointments to get repairs. On the News, there was damage much worse than mine so I have to be thankful for that, as I told myself, it could have been worse!

"I once told Nixon that the
Presidency is like a jackass
caught in a hail storm.
You've got to just stand
there and take it!"
Lyndon B. Johnson

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