Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Case of the Missing Earring

The ocean slapped the hot sand as my son and his girl friend rested underneath a palapa. "We have got to go shopping.....I saw some earrings I think she would like," the girl friend said. His response was to take another sip of the frosty piña colada. "Later," he said.

Soon it was later and they were in a taxi headed for the resort's downtown. She knew exactly where she had seen the earrings and in about twenty minutes they entered the jewelry store. She pointed out the earrings she thought his mother would like, silver with turquoise. He agreed and after the purchase was made they headed back to the resort to enjoy another piña colada and to sit under the palapa to watch the sun dip behind the water!

The earrings were placed in a suitcase when it was time to return to their home in the United States. The first chance they had they visited the man's mother and presented her with the earrings. She was excited to receive the gift because she loved turquoise. Whenever she went out she put the earrings on and it seemed as if anyone who saw them commented on their beauty. "Oh, these were brought back by my son on a vacation to Mexico," she would proudly say.

One day, about four months after wearing them, one disappeared. She looked everywhere but the one earring was missing. After a few weeks of searching she resigned herself to the fact that she now had another single earring to join the many others which also lacked a partner.

The years went by and sometimes in looking at her jewelry, she would see the beautiful earring and wonder how she could have lost it. She remembered how her Mother would say, "When something is given from the heart, it will last forever!"  Had the earrings not been given from the heart she wondered?

The earring was soon forgotten until yesterday when she happened to look in her jewelry box. She saw the lone earring. This time a pang struck her heart. She had lost her son in October and here it was May.  She picked up the earring and thought about her son. Poignant thoughts and sadness overwhelmed her as she looked at the beautiful earring. With a sigh, she put the sole earring back into the box with all the other earrings without partners.

Today she was looking in a drawer for a bill that she needed to review. Buried in the many other bills and envelopes she saw something shiny. She could not believe it was the lost earring. But how? She knew she looked through the bills at least once a month. Maybe three times a year she emptied the whole drawer out and went through every piece of paper. There was no way she could have missed seeing the earring. Ten years of looking in the bill drawer, how could she not have seen the earring?. Now this was a mystery with no explanation.

She got the other earring from where it has patiently waited, and happily she put them on. Somehow she knows that her son had something to do with her finding the earring. I can just hear him saying, "See Mom, I did give you those earrings with my whole heart!"

When a gift is given twice
the first time is appreciated and nice.
When the lost is returned to its mate
it has got to be some kind of fate.
The giver has gone so far away
yet, finding the lost is a special day!


  1. They are beautiful and it's so great that the missing earring was found! I am sure that the son had a hand in it!

  2. Strange how this earring was found where I have been many times before. Also, it was strange when I found my glasses that were lost over a year. Some times I wonder if there are poltergeists around.