Friday, May 19, 2017

Three Days of Celebrations

Boarding my flight at DIA around seven in the morning, I arrived in California two hours later. Thinking I was going from cool Colorado to warm California I found out I was wrong. It was cool in California too!  My daughter picked me up and said, "Today will be Mother's Day for us because the rest of the weekend we will be too busy to celebrate."

"Fine with me," I said. We went to see How to Be Latin Lover. A comedy about wealthy older women, gigolos, and family love, making it a semi-dark comedy. After the movie we ate at a
restaurant called, Cha Cha's where they serve fresh, authentic Latino food. I was in heaven having my daughter all to myself and enjoying good food at al fresco.

That evening, to celebrate my granddaughter's 18th birthday we went to Yogurt Land for dessert! After they enjoyed the large cup full of different tasting yogurts and many toppings, (I was good and did not have any!) the girls and I went to the mall. Again, I was in heaven because now I had my two granddaughters with me as we visited some of the shops. I purchased a gift card at Kiehls, a cosmetic place that she likes so I purchased a gift card for her birthday present. She has her own consultant who has given her facials in the past. The young woman's parents came from Guatemala and since my daughter was in the Peace Corps in Guatemala, we had a good chat about the country! As the girls were growing up, one of our favorite pass times was visiting the mall and if they saw something they liked I would buy the item for them. As they got older, they preferred to shop by themselves. Friday night was like old times and I was happy!

Saturday  morning we drove to Laguna Beach to eat at the Urth CafĂ© as we continued my granddaughter's birthday celebration. Delicious food was enjoyed as we sat outside in the pleasant weather. Most tempting was the stuffed French toast; brioche bread stuffed with fresh bananas and creamy Nutella spread and drenched in fresh cream and egg batter and served with whipped cream and pure maple syrup. I had the Eggs Verde; two poached eggs over wild arugula, roasted corn, baby tomatoes and poached asparagus spears.  The healthy eaters had a fruit plate with neatly sliced mango, watermelon, cantaloupe, kiwis, blueberries, pineapple, and strawberries.

The ocean is less than a block away and the people eating seemed extremely young making me feel quite old.

After breakfast we drove to Dana Point to help my son-in-law's father celebrate his 90th birthday. What a fun party seeing the family, meeting friends, watching a video of his life, eating from a great spread of cold cuts, fruit and sandwiches. Instead of cake, individual cookies decorated with his name and birth date were given to people as they left the party.

From the first time I met the family, I liked the out going, close-knit, happy, well-read, and interesting people. I remember how they all made me feel at home when I visited them and how I was included in their celebrations.  I have watched the children turn into young adults and even though I have problems keeping them all straight, it is always a pleasure when I see them.

Happy 90th Birthday!

Even though my visit was short, it was quality time spent with my family and I loved it!

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  1. What a lovely and special weekend! Isn't it fun when you can re-create some of those great moments with your grandchildren?

    1. Being with family is special, especially when they don't live near me.