Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Wood Carver

On Sunday I met a man who proudly said, "I made that cross for the church." I glanced up at the cross on top of Our Lady of Visitation Church and noticed the details in the cross. Even though I had attended mass at "the little church" I had never noticed the cross on top of the building and how beautiful it looked. And here was the man who carved the cross especially for his church. His  sadness was obvious as he said, "They now want to close my church, it doesn't seem right."

After the last mass, every one waited for the yellow school buses to take them to the Archdiocese of Denver where they planned to do a peaceful march in hopes that the Archbishop would listen to their plea and keep Our Lady of Visitation open and not close the doors forever. 

The man told me he wears a Celtic cross medal around his neck and that it served as the inspiration to make the cross for the church. He said he enjoyed working with wood and remembers when he was in school he would sit and doodle what he would like to carve. "I like making wooden walking sticks." He has made crucifixes and crosses but does it as a hobby and not to sell.

I found his story interesting because on September 11, 2001, he and his wife were going to go the Twin Towers since they were on vacation in New York City. They never got to visit the Towers.  "We drove home after 9-11 because we did not want to fly." he said. He mentioned that he was not involved with the church at that time and he wasn't too religious. A few years after 9-11 he met the Pastor of Holy Trinity and visited the little church. It reminded him of small churches in San Luis, Colorado, and became a parishioner and has belonged to Our Lady of Visitation ever since.

I asked him where he had his studio, since he is an artist that works with wood, and he said, "I work in my back yard!" He told me that in the center of the cross a solar light used to glow at night. Since it isn't glowing now, he said he needed to fix it so it would once again give out its light!

On the bus the granddaughter of the original owner of the land carried a plain cross. "This is the first cross that was put on top of the church and I will march with it," she remarked,

From the picture of the first cross to the Celtic cross made by the wood carver there is a huge difference, yet both crosses represent love for Our Lady of Visitation church!

Celtic Cross
Four arms represent earth, air, fire, and water
also, north, south, east and west,
or mind, soul, heart and body
and the rings mean eternity and unending love
of the sacrifice of the cross.
From the Internet

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